ezCheckPersonal Software: How to remove logo from check

by admin 25. August 2015 12:51

EzCheckPersonal allows user to add logo to check. User can also customize the logo size and location easily. If you do not want to use logo, you can remove it from check easily.


Step 1: Start ezCheckPersonal


Step 2:  Click the top menu "Settings->Edit Current Account" to open the check setup page. You will see the Logo Image Path field under images session.


Step 3:  Put your cursor to the "logo image path" field and click the DELETE button on your keyboard to remove it.


Step 4:  Click the UPDATE button on this screen to save your changes.


When you print/preview check, you will not see the logo on your check again. You can remove the signature image from the check set up screen in the same way.


ezCheckPersonal: How to add extra line on check

by admin 31. December 2014 07:47

With ezCheckPerosnal check writer, customers can customized the check laytout easily by adding extra line and text. Here is the guide on how to add extra.

1. Start ezCheckPersonal and click the top menu "settings" then "layout setup" to open layout setup screen.

2. Select "Custom Line 0" from item picker, set it visible and move it to target location.

3. Save the changes. 

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How ezCheckPersonal check printing software works with Quicken

by admin 11. October 2012 04:55

EzCheckPersonal is easy-to-use, flexible and affordable check design, write and print software for family users. It can print personal pocket-size checks in 3-per-sheet and 4-per-sheet formats. It can print checks on blank check stock with logo and write check data on pre-printed blank check.

EzCheckPersonal can work with Quicken in two ways:

1. Print pre-printed blank check for Quicken

2. Import Quicken Check Data and print them on blank stock

With ezCheckpersonal, users never need to order the expensive pre-printed check for Quicken. User can download and try ezCheckPersonal for free with no cost and no obligation.

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How to move ezCheckPersonal check writer software to a new machine

by admin 7. March 2012 04:14

Followings are the steps to move ezCheckPersonal from the old machine to a new one.

1. Install ezCheckPersonal first on your new machine.
Download link:
2. Enter ezCheckPersonal key

3. Copy your current database file from old machine to the USB disk
Open ezCheckPersonal application on your old machine and insert your USB disk. Click top menu "Accounts->Backup Current Accounts" to backup current database file to USB disk. You can enter the new name as you like.


If you have more than multiple accounts, please select a new database as your current one and back up them one by one.

4. Copy the database file from USB disk to the application folder on your new machine.

Start ezCheckPersonal on the new machine, then click the top menu "Account->Restore account" and select the file from the USB disk. ezCheckPersonal will copy this backup file to your new machine.

5. Select the new database file as current company database by clicking the top menu "Accounts->Select Account".


How to Print Pre-printed Personal Blank Bank Checks

by admin 9. February 2012 17:12

With EzCheckPersonal, users never need to order the expensive bank check again.  EzCheckPersonal allows user to print bank check with logo on blank check stock easily.  ezCheckPersonal also prints the blank pre-printed checks with MICR code and users can fill in manually later.

Step 1: Start ezCheckPersonal

If you have not installed ezCheckPersonal, you can download it from 

Step 2: Click the top menu "Print Checks->Print Blank Checks" 

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How to print a check with logo from blank stock

How to customize check layout

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How to customize bank check with ezCheckPersonal?

by admin 14. September 2011 07:53

EzCheckPersonal check writer  is very flexible and allow user to customize the check layout easily.

Following is the step by step guide.

1. Start ezCheckPersonal software.


If you do not have it installed it, you can download it from



2. Click the top menu “Settings->Check Layout  Setup” to open the check layout screen.




3. You can customize almost any item on this screen. However, you need to select the target field from Item Picker list first.


Ie: You can select “Personal Name” from Item picker. Then you will see this field in red color on screen. Then you can change its position in two ways.

-          You can select this field on screen by your mouse, then drag and drop it to the new location.

-          You can adjust values of Item Location fields to move it.


4. You need to click the Save button to save your changes.

How to adjust the check position?

by admin 14. September 2011 07:31

Each printer is unique. Some users may need to adjust the check position for better effect.

Following is the instruction on how to adjust the check. (If you need to adjust the position of MICR line, you can follow this instruction too.)

1. Start ezCheckPersonal.

If you do not have it installed it, you can download it from


2. Click the top menu “Settings->Edit current account” to open the account setup screen. 



3.       You can change the offset values to adjust the position of the whole check.

For example:

You can increase the value of “Offset up” to print your check higher.

You can increase the value of “Offset Down” to print your check lower.


4.       Click the Update button to save your changes.

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- How to customize check layout 

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