Compare Payroll Solutions: Desktop vs. Online

We offer both desktop version and online version payroll solution. You can decide which option fits your business needs.

  Desktop Online Desktop and Online
Solution ezPaycheck payroll software Halfpricesoft Online Payroll ezPaycheck and halfpricesoft online payroll
Users Small businesses, CPAs Businesses that need to process payroll from different locations CPAs
Cost Low and fixed
  • $139 per installation per calendar year
  • Support unlimited company accounts on the same computer with no extra charge.
  • each company account can support up to 500 employees
  • No extra charge when you hire new employees

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    Cost increases when you hire more employees
  • Pay by month
  • Extra charge for each new company account
  • Extra charge for each new employee

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    Data On your local computer Hosted by  
  • You have full control of your data
  • Low cost
  • Multiple-user version allows you to share the data on server, cloud if needed.

  • Access payroll any time, anywhere
  • No installation is needed
  • Tax tables and tax forms will be updated automatically.
  • You can process payroll from any device, for example: desktop, laptop, iPad, mobile...

  • You cannot access the data from other location if you are using single-user version
  • You need to backup data yourself
  • You need to check the latest updates

  • Extra cost when you add a new employee
  • Extra cost when you add a new company account

    Trial You can download the 30 days free DEMO version to test drive with no obligation You can sign up a free account to test drive for 30 days with no obligation.  
      Using Desktop ezPaycheck Using Online Payroll Using Both
    Suggestions for small business owners
      ezPaycheck is the best in house solution for most small business clients.
  • If you need to process payroll from different locations
  • If you need to share the payroll data with the accountant online
  • If you like the convenience to process payroll from different devices (for example: desktop, laptop, mobile, iPad..)

    Suggestions for CPAs
      Most CPAs like this low cost solution.
  • If you need to share the data with the clients
  • If you just need to share the data with some of your clients

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