Halfpricesoft Online Time Tracking

How to Add & Edit the Time Entries Manually

Halfpricesoft Online Time Tracking System will track employee can clock in/clock out automatically. You can also add the time entries manually.

  • When you sign in as an Admin, you can add, edit, delete, approve the time entries manually for any employee.

  • When you sign in as an employee, you can add, edit and delete the time entries yourself manually if your company grants this permission.

  • 1. View Timesheet List
  • 2. Add
  • 3. Edit
  • 4. Delete
  • 5. Approve/Pending

  • 1. View Timesheet List

    You can click the left menu "Timesheets" then "Timesheet List" to view timesheets.

    employee timesheets

    2. Add the Time Entry Manually

    You can click the Add button to enter the new entry.

    add time entry

    3. Edit

    - The Admin can edit the entries for any employee.

    - The employee can edit his own pending manual added entries. Employees cannot edit the clock in/out entries.

    You can click the Edit icon behind each pending entry to edit.

    5. Delete

    - The Admin can click the Delete icon behind an entry to delete it. - The employee can delete his entry that was pending and manually added.

    delete time entry

    5. Approve/Pending

    The Admin can click the Status icon behind an entry to approve/pending it.

    approve time entry

    Need Assistance?

    If you cannot find the answer from FAQs, please feel free to contact the support team. We are glad to assist you.