ezPaycheck Payroll Software Updated with New Form 941

by tammie 6. July 2021 10:34

The IRS Published New Form 941 in June 2021

The COVID-19 related credit for qualified sick and family leave wages has been extended and amended.

 Current 2021 customers can update to the latest 2021 version at no cost for the changes. 

Steps to update ezPaycheck

1. As a precaution, please back up data.

Your data should be safe during this process. However, we always recommend you backup your company data first!

2. Close current ezPaycheck payroll application if it is running on your machine!!!

You cannot update ezPaycheck when it is still running on your machine. Please exit ezPaycheck first.

4. Download the latest version

ezPaycheck 2021 latest download link:





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941 Form

ezPaycheck Software Customers Get 941 Form Updates That Include Covid-19 Employee Tax Credits

by tammie 8. July 2020 13:15

IRS published the new Form 941. ezPaycheck has been updated to include the changes to 2020 941 form for coronavirus (COVID-19) related employment tax credits and other tax relief. Current ezPaycheck 2020 clients can get this update for at no cost.




Halfpricesoft.com has updated ezPaycheck payroll software to reflect IRS Changes to  941 form Including  Covid-19 employee tax credits. Test drive with no cost or obligation at https://www.halfpricesoft.com/index.asp.


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941 Form

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