ezPaycheck 2022 Is Now Available To Process Payroll For W2 and 1099 Staff!

by tammieb 14. December 2021 06:52

Hot off the presses, ezPaycheck 2022 is available for purchase! Still available for a limited time is ezPaycheck 2021-2022 bundle version for only 139.00.  This gives customers a way to begin payroll now and be ready for next year payroll! 


The 2022 year version of ezPaycheck payroll software has just been released by Halfpricesoft.com.  The latest version processes payroll for both contractors (1099) and employees (W2). This makes it perfect for business owners hiring holiday employees.  This year’s version continues to support paychecks as well as W2, W3, 940, 941 forms all within one software application for only $119 per calendar year (single user installation).

ezPaycheck Payroll Software Offers Support Until Midnight On Jan 31, 2020 For W2 and W3 Form Processing Questions

by tammie 30. January 2020 12:36

Halfpricesoft.com offers ezPaycheck 2019 business payroll software customers extended customer support until midnight EST for processing W2 and W3 forms on January 31, 2020. Download and test it at obligation by visiting https://www.halfpricesoft.com/index.asp.


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Employee Leave Management: how an employee makes a request and how it will be approved

by admin 9. December 2011 10:10

ezTimeSheet software streamlines HR tasks on employee attendance tracking, vacation tracking and leave tracking. If you have not installed ezTimeSheet, you can start the non-obligation free test drive at:



Step 1: Employee requests leave


·         Employee clicks the top menu “Employee->Add/View My Leave Request”.

·         Employee enter password, then he will see Leave Time Management screen

·         Employee clicks the Request Leave button to enter leave request details. Then save it. The current status of this request is PENDING. 

Step 2: HR manager approves request.

·         HR manager logs in as Administrator

·         Click the top menu “Administrator->Leave Time” to view “leave time management” screen

·         You may need to modify the date range to view the pending requests

·         Select this request from list, then click the Edit button to view request details. You can approve or deny or modify employee’s request on this screen. 

Optional Step: Generate leave report

Admin can generate leave report for employee by clicking the top menu “Administrator->Reports” to generate employee leave report.


 TimeSheet Time Tracking software

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Why Your Company Should Use Employee Attendance Tracking Software

by admin 10. October 2011 11:11

The Employee Attendance Tracking Software is a system that has various advantages which include but is not limited to; its affordability, ease of maintenance, accountability, efficacy and ease of payroll processing. This program has been used by many organizations and has proved to be relevant. It is therefore recommended that each enterprise or firm should utilize this software to enjoy the benefits of low operating and service costs.


The affordability of this system is in its small initial investment. To be precise its initial and maintenance capital is low. The system is almost half the cost of most automatic machines. Moreover, there are no extra tools to buy like in the case of most machines. It thus posses to be inexpensive.

Ease of Maintenance

Its ease of maintenance is due to the fact that it is not divided into many components. There is therefore no need for replacement, servicing or support costs as they are not incurred. It only needs a comprehensive support program to ensure a long term operation and function.

This system is different from other ordinary machines as it has no workings such as gears, motors or other components that wear and tear. The program would not lose its function unexpectedly and there will be no day that you will have to refer it to a mechanic.


The use of time cards helps to enhance its accountability. Every worker will be accountable for the actions that one will take. No blame will thus be shifted from a worker to another. Cheating will also be minimal as everyone is answerable. Employers would therefore not have a hard time in coordination and supervision of their staff.

Time cards also work in favor to both business owners and workers. It protects business owners by helping them identify the numbers of hours that their staff have actually said they did. On the other hand, it protects the staff because they can identify the number of hours they have worked thus making it hard for their employers to cheat them out of their remuneration package.


This system also helps to maintain efficacy in a business. It even detects time management in an orderly manner. The program registers who is in and who is not in real time. Moreover, less paper work is required therefore reducing storage space and outlay. This system provides management with access and adequate knowledge of each member of staff in their organization. It thus runs the firm in an effective and efficient manner.

Ease of payroll processing

Payroll processing is also simple as its paycheck is not complicated. The time cards reports submit an application to your firm payroll rules and regulations to instantaneously sum normal hours and overtime. Entries that have been modified are tracked for easy monitoring and evaluation. Time spent totaling, reading and detecting payroll rules to manual time cards can be practically reduced or even eliminated.

Employee Attendance Tracking Software is thus an important system that has proved to be vital to many organizations. One such software that comes highly recommended by many small-business owners is ezTimeSheet employee attendance and time tracking software, which automates employee time, PTO, sick and vacation tracking tasks, and frees up managers’ time for more important tasks.

Employee attendance tracking shouldn't be a nightmare for employers.

TimeSheet Time Tracking software

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How to set up employee attendance tracker over network?

by admin 3. October 2011 07:52

Employee attendance tracking shouldn't be a nightmare for employers. Small business software provider, EzTimeSheet employee attendance tracking software automates employee time-tracking tasks and frees up managers’ time for more important tasks.

You can install ezTimeSheet on a stand-alone machine and use it as Time-Clock software. Or you can installed it on multiple machines and share the same database over network.

Here is the instruction how to set up network database when using ezTimeSheet Employee attendance tracking software.

Log on the first machine with administrator permission

Step 1: Install ezTimeSheet on your first machine (or server). 

ezTimeSheet free download


Step 2: Start ezTimeSheet. You can click the top menu "settings->Manage Database" to open Manange Database screen to view your current database path.

Step 3: (optional) Click "Backup Current Database" button to copy your current database to a network location.

Step 4: (optional): Then set up the database path to this new location.


For the 2nd machine, 3rd machine..

Install ezTimeSheet then repeat step 3. Then all users will share the same database file over network.



TimeSheet Time Tracking software

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Reporting Tip Income - Restaurant Tax Tips

by admin 5. May 2011 08:41

Reporting Tip Income - Restaurant Tax Tips

( click this link to see how to handle tips in restaurant with ezPaycheck Payroll Software)

Tips your employees receive from customers are generally subject to withholding. Employees are required to claim all tip income received. This includes tips you paid over to the employee for charge customers and tips the employee received directly from customers.

Employee Requirements

Employees must report tip income on Form 4070, Employee's Report of Tips to Employer, (PDF) or on a similar statement. This report is due on the 10th day of the month after the month the tips are received. This statement must be signed by the employee and must show the following:

  • The employee's name, address, and SSN.
  • Your name and address.
  • The month or period the report covers.
  • The total tips received.

No report is required from an employee for months when tips are less than $20.

Both Forms 4070 and 4070-A, Employee's Daily Record of Tips, (PDF) are included in Publication 1244, Employee's Daily Record of Tips and Report to Employer. (PDF)

Employer Requirements

Employers must collect income tax, employee social security tax and employee Medicare tax on tips reported by employees. You can collect these taxes from an employee's wages or from other funds he or she makes available.

Allocation of Tips

As an employer, you must ensure that the total tip income reported to you during any pay period is, at a minimum, equal to 8% of your total receipts for that period.

In calculating 8% of total receipts, you do not include nonallocable receipts. Nonallocable receipts are defined as receipts for carry out sales and receipts with a service charge added of 10% or more.

When the total reported to you is less than 8%, you must allocate the difference between the actual tip income reported and 8% of gross receipts. There are three methods for allocating tip income:

  • Gross Receipt Method
  • Hours Worked Method
  • Good Faith Agreement

Employers can request a lower rate (but not lower than 2%) for tip allocation purposes by submitting an application to the IRS. Detailed instructions for computing allocation of tips, reporting allocated tips to employees, and for requesting a lower rate can be found in theInstructions for Form 8027. (PDF)

Note: The amount shown as allocated tip income is for information purposes only. You are not required to withhold Income or Social Security taxes on the allocated tip income. The amount of tip income allocated to each employee is shown in box 8 of their Form W-2.

Tip Reporting Requirements for Employers

Employers who operate large food or beverage establishments must file Form 8027, Employer’s Annual Information Return of Tip Income and Allocated Tips (PDF) to report employee tip income. A large food or beverage establishment is defined as business where all of the following apply:

  • Food or beverage is provided for consumption on the premises
  • Tipping is a customary practice
  • More than 10 employees, who work more than 80 hours, were normally employed on a typical business day during the preceding calendar year.

A worksheet for determining whether a business meets the criteria listed above is included in the Instructions for Form 8027. (PDF)

Source: www.irs.com

( click this link to see how to handle tips in restaurant with ezPaycheck Payroll Software)

small business payroll software

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New Video on Employee Attendance Tracking Software Released

by admin 4. May 2011 11:32

We just released a new video about ezTimeSheet, the employee attendance tracking software. You are welcome to view it at


ezTimeSheet Eases Employee Attendance Tracking Pressure - Version 1.06 Adds Flexibility and Options to Time Reporting

by admin 28. April 2011 03:48

Automating employee attendance management processes and slashing the time it takes to run payroll is now easy and affordable for small businesses with ezTimeSheet, the PC time clock software designed specifically for small business owners and HR department managers. And the newly released update version is more powerful and user-friendly than ever.


This update is the software developer's response to customers' requests for increased reporting options. The new edition include more flexible edit function, permission control, report feature and timesheet lock/unlock features, which will save user’s time in payroll processing and tax reporting filing. User can download this new version free from http://www.halfpricesoft.com/time-tracking-time-sheet-download.asp, with no cost and no obligation.


“We have a strong following of small business customers who love our other time-saving and money-saving software titles and requested a software solution to one of their biggest time-wasters: employee time tracking,” said Dr. Ge, founder of Louisville, Ky.-based Halfpricesoft.com. “ezTimeSheet was developed to meet that need. Customers now spend a fraction of the time they used to on time-tracking tasks.”


With ezTimeSheet, the tedious chore of calculating and managing employee time and attendance no longer needs to be a concern for small business owners and busy human resources managers. Advantages provided by ezTimeSheet include . . .


Reduced payroll costs - ezTimeSheet eliminates overpayment on payroll by automatically checking for duplicate and overlapping time entries.


Frees up time by automating time-tracking tasks - Once employee information is set up, including pay rates, ezTimeSheet time tracker automatically calculates each employee’s regular work hours and overtime hours, producing payroll-ready data that can easily be exported for use with other software, including both ezPaycheck and ezCheckPrinting from Halfpricesoft.com.


Easy to use and learn - ezTimeSheet’s graphical interface is highly intuitive and guides users through each process step by step. Most small businesses are ready to start tracking employee time in less than an hour (actual time depends on the number of employees), even for users with no accounting or computer skills.


ezTimeSheet has an amazing array of features that make time-tracking and payroll tasks simple and easy, including:

- Easy-to-use graphical interface that allows employees to punch in and punch out via computer

- Automatic time tracking that automatically calculates gross payroll figures

- Automatic check for duplicate and overlapping time entries

- Administrator can enter and edit time data when necessary

- Administrator can add notes to individual time entries

- Flexible report features that are easy to use

- Export report data to Excel, PDF or image formats for analysis and sharing

- Export payment data to .CSv file for use with other software

- Separate password protection for administrator and employees

- Equipped for network access

- Backup feature to protect database

- Free updates


This time clock software available for risk free trial - No cost or obligation to download

The single-user version of ezTimeSheet can be downloaded for free from the Halfpricesoft.com website: http://www.halfpricesoft.com/time-sheet-tracking-software.asp. Customers can test all the features and capabilities of ezTimeSheet with no time limit to be sure that ezTimeSheet will meet their needs before purchasing a license key. However, the single-user version is limited to use with one administrator and one employee. To activate ezTimeSheet for use with more employees and administrators, customers simply return to the Halfpricesoft.com website to purchase the appropriate license key. For a limited time, ezTimeSheet license keys are available at the following discounted prices:

- 5-user license key — $26 (Regularly $39)

- 10-user license key — $39 (Regularly $59) or free through TrialPay (details online)

- Unlimited-user license key — $66 (Regularly $99)


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Each Paycheck Is On Time, Small Businesses Enjoy The Big Benefits Of Payroll Software From Halfpricesoft

by admin 21. March 2011 17:22

Payroll is one of the most important tasks about running a business. After all, employees want to get the paychecks on time. However calculating payroll taxes can be very time-consuming. Designed with non-accountant business owners and managers in mind, Halfpricesoft has released the new edition of ezPaycheck 2011, which automates payroll tasks for small businesses.


"No two small businesses or non-profits are exactly the same. They all have different needs and requirements,” Dr. Ge said. “Updates in the 2011 edition of ezPaycheck include several features commonly requested by customers who like the software but need additional flexibility."


The new features of ezPaycheck 2011 payroll application include Customizable Payroll Reporting Feature, Auto-fill Paycheck Data Feature, Customizable Tax and Deduction Features, Employee List Export Feature, Income tax rate updates and Tax form updates, which make the 2011 edition more powerful and flexible than ever.


This affordable payroll software is suitable for any small- to mid-sized business or non-profits, because of the big benefits.



- User friendly interface design and Windows menus make ezPaycheck payroll software quick and easy to set up, use and understand.



- Works within ezPaycheck payroll accounting software, so there's nothing new to learn and no double entry.

- ezPaycheck payroll software help user save money by printing your checks on blank computer checks.

- Support Tax Forms W2, W3, 940 and 941.



- Tax tables and calculations for all 50 states and D.C

- Accommodates any combination of incomes, deductions, taxes and benefits. Also accommodates multiple companies, each with unique setup information.

- Supports customized Wages or Deductions to handle commissions, tips in restaurants or the special local taxes.

- Support for daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly and monthly payroll periods



- Instead of paying $200 a month to some payroll company, user can only spend $89 a year for all payroll needs.



- Download and try this payroll software free for 30 days. No registration needed. No obligation.


To make sampling ezPaycheck 2011 even easier, the free download includes a sample database. Customers do not have to waste time entering employee data before sampling the software’s many features.


ezPaycheck payroll software is loaded with intelligent, intuitive features, but not burdened by complicated suites of expensive applications small businesses will never use or need. The software is ideal for owners of small to mid-sized businesses, and was designed and engineered for ease-of-use by those who have only basic computer skills and little accounting know-how.


Businesses owners and managers who like to issue each paycheck on time, can learn more about  ezPaycheck payroll tax solution by downloading and trying it for free for 30 days at http://www.halfpricesoft.com/payroll_software_download.asp


Or check the video ezPaycheck Made Your Payroll an Easy Job


small business payroll software

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