How to print a check in Canada

by admin 23. December 2014 08:30

ezCheckPrinting check writer is designed for US companies. However we do have many international customers from Canada and other countries.


If you plan to use ezCheckPrinting in Canada, we would like to suggest you download and try ezCheckPrinting first before purchasing.


ezCheckPrinting Free Download Link


Canada checks have different format. On check set up screen, please use the font Equivlents to enter the special MICR characters. You can access check setup screen by clicking ezCheckPrinting top menu “settings”, then “check setup”.

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How to Print a Check with Payee Name Only But without Amount

by admin 18. December 2014 03:41

ezCheckPrinting check writer is very flexible to meet customers’ special needs. Here are the steps to print special checks with payee name and address but with blank amount.

1.      Start ezCheckPrinting software

2.      click ezCheckPrinting top menu "Settings' then "Layout setup" to open check layout screen

-- Select AMOUNT field from item picker and uncheck the visible option to hide it.
-- Select TEXT AMOUNT field from item picker and uncheck the visible option to hide it.
-- Save your change.


3.  Print checks and you will get the check with payee name only.


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How to Print Halloween Style Bank Check Yourself

by admin 31. October 2014 08:44

 With ezCheckpersonal check writer, both Windows and mac customers can design and print professional checks easily in house.  EzCheckPersonal allows customers to add logo to check. Here is the guide on how to print a Halloween style check.

Step 1: Start ezCheckPersonal software

If you have not installed ezCheckPersonal, you can download it from

Step 2: Setup the bank account and add the logo image.
Click the top menu "Settings->Edit Current Account" to open the check setup page. Set up your check information and add your check logo file there.

Step 3: Customize the check layout (optional)
Click the top menu "Settings->Check layout Setup" to open the check layout page. You can customize the layout of your check by changing the font size, logo position, logo size or add a new label.

To customize the logo, you need to select the logo from the item picker first. Then you can resize it or drag/drop the logo to a new position. If you are satisfied with the effect, you can save your change. 

Step 4: Add a new check
Go back to the main page. Click the New button to add a check. Select this check from the check list and click the Print button to print your check.

Step 5: Print Check

Select the check(s) from check list and click the PRINT button (see image in step 4). Select your target printer, you will see the pre-preview screen. If you are satisfied at your checks, click the PRINTER icon to print the checks.


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How to print blank pre-printed checks

How to customize Check Layout

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New Edition Check Draft Printing Software Released

by admin 15. May 2014 09:59

We just released the new edition of ezCheckDraft Software version 1.3.0 to help customers print draft checks in house easily. New and current customers can download the new version at

This new version include several features suggested by customers.

- 3-per-page format and check-on-top format

- Print Check without stub

- Import field mapping feature

- Updated Report

- Click check list column header to sort checks

check draft software, check printing software, check writer
Buy check software and save time now           download free check printing and writing software now

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How to move ezCheckPersonal to a New Machine

by admin 24. April 2014 09:04

ezCheckPersonal allows customers to print customized checks in house easily.

If you still be able to run ezCheckPersonal on your current machine, followings are the steps to move ezCheckPersonal from the old machine to a new one. (If your machine is crashed, you should refer to this article.)

1. Download and install ezCheckPersonal on your new machine.
Download link:

2. Enter ezCheckPersonal key

3. Copy your current database file from old machine to the USB disk
Open ezCheckPersonal application on your old machine and insert your USB disk. Click top menu "Accounts->Backup Current Accounts" to backup current database file to usb disk. You can enter the new name as you like.

If you have more one accounts, please select a new database as your current one and back up them one by one.

4. Copy the database file from USB disk to the application folder on your new machine.

Start ezCheckPersonal on the new machine, then click the top menu "Account->Restore account" and select the file from the USB disk. ezCheckPersonal will copy this backup file to your new machine.

5. Select the new database file as current company database by clicking the top menu "Accounts->Select Account".


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EzCheckPersonal is Free When Customers Send Flowers to Mom

by admin 9. May 2012 03:04

This Mother’s Day, are helping shoppers give more to Mom - without spending more money - through online Win-win deals. For a limited time, customers can get ezCheckPersonal check writing software free when they purchase flowers for Mother’s Day using TrialPay.

“Mother’s Day is the perfect opportunity to start using ezCheckPersonal to save time and money while doing something you’re likely to do anyway - buy flowers for Mom,” said founder Dr. Ge. “We’ve been partners with TrialPay for some time now; it’s just a really cool way to get quality products and services at discounted prices or even free.”

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How to make MICR font display correctly on bank checks?

by admin 31. August 2011 09:59

The most common reason for font display problem is the MICR font was not installed correctly. Usually re-install check writer software on your machine can solve this problem. 

Followings are the steps: 

1. Log in your machine as administrator.

You must have administrator permission to install the MICR font. 

2. Backup your data first.

Although your data should be safe during this process, we always suggest you backup it first.


You can click the top menu "Accounts->Back up current account" to backup your data. If you have more than one account, please backup all of them.


3. Uninstall ezCheckprinting from your machine

You can open control panel, then select "Add or remove programs" to see program list. Then remove ezCheckPrinting from there.


4. Download ezCheckPrinting and install it again.

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How to print MICR checks at $0 cost?

by admin 24. June 2010 04:31

Do you know you are able to print your bank checks from your home printer? And the cost can be as low as $0.

Free offers of MICR check software and check paper.

Watch step by step guide on How to Print MICR Bank Checks at $0 Cost at YouTube.

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