ezCheckPrinting QuickBooks Virtual Printer Was Updated For Windows 8

by admin 19. December 2012 07:31

QuickBooks and Quicken users can print checks on blank stock easily with ezCheckPrinting. However, some users got "port error" when they install the virtual printer on Windows 8 machine.

A new edition of ezCheckPrinting Virtual Printer was released to fix this issue.

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Learn more about ezCheckPrinting at: http://www.halfpricesoft.com/product_ezCheck.asp

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How to Print Quicken Checks On Blank Stock

by admin 15. November 2012 03:50

EzCheckPrinting Virtual printer is the optional add-on of ezCheckPrinting PC check writer for QuickBooks/Quicken users. It will speed up check printng  QuickBooks and Quicken user time and money on pre-printed checks.


To use ezCheckPrinting Virtual Printer with Quicken, you need to install both ezCheckPrinting and virtual printer on your local machine. And you need to run ezCheckPrinting at least once to set up your account information.


Step 1: Download and Install ezCheckPrinting



Step 2: Run ezCheckPrinting at least once to make sure it works on your machine


You can click the ezCheckPrinting shortcut from desktop to start ezCheckPrinting. For testing purpose, you can use the default database with dummy data to save your time.

More detailed information on how to setup account and print checks can be found here



Step 3: Download and Install Virtual Printer from this link



Step 4: Start Quicken and Set Virtual Printer as the default check printer.

You can click the top menu "File->Printer Setup->For Printing Checks" to open printer set up screen. Then select ezCheckPrinting QuickBooks Virtual Printer as the check printer and save your change.

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Step 5: Print checks from Quicken.


When you print the checks within Quicken, the check print-preview screen will pop up. You can review your checks here. If you are satisfied with these checks, click the printer icon to print your checks. Otherwise you can click the CLOSE button to see ezCheckPrinting check list screen.

preview quickbooks checks


Users can download and try ezCheckPrinting and Virtual Printer for free. No registration needed and no obligation. The trial version will print TRIAL image on checks. You need to enter the key code to remove it.

Learn more about ezCheckPrinting at: http://www.halfpricesoft.com/product_ezCheck.asp

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How ezCheckPersonal check printing software works with Quicken

by admin 11. October 2012 04:55

EzCheckPersonal is easy-to-use, flexible and affordable check design, write and print software for family users. It can print personal pocket-size checks in 3-per-sheet and 4-per-sheet formats. It can print checks on blank check stock with logo and write check data on pre-printed blank check.

EzCheckPersonal can work with Quicken in two ways:

1. Print pre-printed blank check for Quicken

2. Import Quicken Check Data and print them on blank stock

With ezCheckpersonal, users never need to order the expensive pre-printed check for Quicken. User can download and try ezCheckPersonal for free with no cost and no obligation.

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How to Print Quicken Blank Checks Yourself - New Video released

by admin 20. June 2012 05:22

We just released the new video "How to Print Quicken Blank Checks Yourself" to our youtube channel. You are welcome to watch it.


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