W-2 4-Up Form for Employees - ezW2 software

by admin 22. December 2014 15:04

With ezW2 software, customers can print W2 forms in 4-up format for employees. The 4-up format include W-2 copy B, copy C and copy 2 on the same sheet.

When printing W2 forms with ezW2 software, you can select 4-up format from print options screen.

print W2 form

print W2 form

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How to reprint a missing W2 form

by admin 24. November 2014 09:14

ezW2 software allows customers to print w2 and 1099 tax forms for Year 2007 to current. And ezW2 is approved by SSA to print all W2 and W3 on white paper. So if you need to print a missing form, you can download ezW2 from our site and print it instantly. No red forms are needed.

Here is the free download link of ezW2. Please make sure you download the CORRECT year version. For example: If you need to print Year 2013 tax forms, you should download ezW2 2013.


You can download this software and try it for free. The download trial version will print watermark on forms. If you like it, you can purhase the key code to remove it.

Here is the quick start guide on how to print W2 forms on white paper


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try w2 1099 software purchase w2 1099 software



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