ezW2 2015 will be available soon

by admin 18. August 2015 12:01

Many customers contacted us about ezW2 software 2015 version recently. We have submitted the new W-2 and W-3 tax forms to SSA for approval. We will release the new version after we get the approcal from SSA. Hopefully, this new version will be available to download in September.


If you are a new customer, you are welcome to test drive ezW2 2014 with no obligation. You can move all your data to 2015 version easily by a few clicks later.


ezW2 – W2 and 1099-misc software free download


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Free Check Writer Offer for Memorial Day

by admin 23. May 2013 08:07

We’ve partnered with TrialPay to bring you our best selling software for FREE! Simply try or buy from one of your favorite brands and get the below software FREE.


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15 Things Must Know Before Choosing Payroll Software

by admin 17. June 2010 07:46

Taking a few minutes to answer important questions before purchasing payroll software will save years of headaches afterward. Have you considered all these options and features that you might need?

Whether you're starting up a new company, making the jump from books to computer, or looking for replacement payroll software, it's important to get payroll software that is going to do everything you need it to and fit the needs of your company. Here are 15 questions to ask about any payroll software you are considering purchasing for your company. When you have answers to all these questions, you'll easily be able to identify the right payroll software.

1. Does this software have current tax information for your state?
2. Does this software have flexibility to add local tax info?
3. Will you need to options for pre-tax and/or post-tax deductions?
4. Will you be printing on blank checks or checks preprinted with your company and bank info?
5. Do you want to print signature images on checks or sign checks by hand?
6. Which tax forms will you need to print using your payroll data? i.e. Form 940, 941, W2, 1099, etc.
7. Does this software support your payroll period, i.e. daily, weekly, biweekly, semimonthly, or monthly?
8. Will you need to be able to calculate tips and or commissions?
9. Does this software support printing for the check format you prefer?
10. Does the software offer year-to-date payroll data entry?
11. What level of technical support does the software developer offer?
12. Will you need to do payroll for more than one company?
13. Does this software have a trial version you can test drive?
14. Are there any hidden fees?
15. Are database back-up and restore features included?

Answering these questions will help you identify software titles that are likely to work well for your company. Taking extra time before you buy to get the features you need, will save you time and money while reducing frustration down the road.

One software title that includes a variety of options for all these situations is ezPaycheck 2010 from Halfpricesoft.com. ezPaycheck is available for a free 30-day trial to ensure that it has the features your company needs before ever paying a dime. It's available for download at


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ezPaycheck payroll software version 3.0.8 released

by l0ge0001 16. June 2010 10:35

We released ezPaycheck payroll software version 3.0.8 today.

What is new with this version:

User has one more option on check setup. They can select to display the whole SSN number or to mask partial of it.

  • This latest version is available for free download for new users at


  • Current ezPaycheck 2010 users can update to this new version for free at:



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halfpricesoft.com is on Twitter now

by admin 16. June 2010 10:19

halfpricesoft.com is on Twitter now. You are welcome to follow us on software update, payroll news, tax news and other small business news.



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