how to make a direct deposit

by admin 2. November 2012 06:09

ezAch Deposit software simplifies the process to create NACHA ACH files for electronic fund transfers. This program allows you to create ACH transaction file from the data in your payroll software, accounting software or other sources.

Followings are the process to make a direct deposit

Click here to view the instructions on video

Step 1. You need to talk with your bank to enable direct deposit function.  
Most customers need to talk with their banks. Usually this direct deposit feature will not be enabled by default when you open a bank account. Some banks may charge a monthly fee to this service or for each transaction.

Step 2. Collect the account information from your employees or vendors or clients.

Usually you need to collect these information: account number, routing number, bank name, account type, client ID (SSN, company ID or others)

You may also need to get signed permission forms from clients if you will collect payments from them through direct deposit.

Step 3. You create ACH deposit file with ezACH software.

ezACH software is available for free trial. You can try it free before purchasing with no risk and no obligation.

Step 4. You send or upload this file to your bank

Step 5. Your bank process the transactions based on this ACH file. Then your employees or vendors get payments, or you collect payments from your customers.

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