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To whom may help me. . . . .
We have been users of your software for a few years, but I need help.
We purchased EzAccounting on 2020, licensed for two computers (A&B).
When printing checks on computer A, the MICR characters are as they should be, but when we print checks in computer B, the MICR characters are just plain alphanumeric characters.
The EzAccounting is not used for payroll, only for bookkeeping.
Please help. . . .
It is the font registry issue. Usually, you can log in that computer as administrator, uninstall and reinstall ezAccounting to solve this issue. If it does not work, repeat uninstall and reinstall process again.

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If you still have questions, would you please let us know more about the second computer: Windows 11, 10, 8, 7 or others?

Thank you,
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