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We are in the process of retiring Windows 2012 servers, one of which hosts your ezCheckDraft software and shares the database with other exCheckDraft users on my network. We've moved the database and software to a new server and everything works. The problem is that once we shutdown the old server, the ezCD client on the workstations that were configured to access the database on the old server, won't start up. They give an error on startup until you restore access to the old file. Now, once we start up, we can change the account database to the new server. The problem is if we've missed a user and remove the old server entirely, we don't know how to update their client to the new database path. It doesn't appear to be in a settings file or in the registry. Can you advise what we should do?

Michael W
Please follow this solution:

1. Open the data folder

2. Delete "settings.xml" file.

3. Restart ezCheckDraft and enter the license

4. Click the top menu "Accounts" then "select account" to switch the current data folder and account.

Thank you,

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