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I just installed and started testing a trial version of ezPayCheck.

Beginning January 2024, we will be coming off ZPay PayWindow.

Is there any way to enter a non-taxable reimbursement either as a positive wage item or as a negative deduction item?

Also, for vacation and PTO (sick time) accrual %s, is the payment of vacation time and PTO included or excluded?

For example, if monthly salaried with two weeks of paid vacation:

* Should the % be computed as 80 / 2080 = .0385 if vacation paid is picked up by the accrual?

* Or should the % be computed as 80 / (2080-80) = .0400 if vacation paid is not picked up by the accrual?

If we can get answers on these two items, we should be able to work around any other issues.

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I posted the answers below. Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

1. non-taxable reimbursement
Please use the MISC check feature. View this guide. The payments issued with MISC checks will not be included in the W2, 941 and other reports.

MISC check feature

2. PTO accrual
ezPaycheck calculates the PTO based on hours, no matter it is regular working hours or vacation hours. You can make the adjustment if needed.

How to set up PTO plan?

How to adjustment PTO hours manually
If you have further questions, please contact us directly at
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