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Hello. I am getting an error when testing my import data for 2021 ACA forms. The message is: Data type mismatch in criteria expression. It seems to be happening for rows where there is data for Line 16. The rows that do not have data on for Line 16 are importing correctly. I don't see anything off on the formatting in the CSV so I am not sure why there is an error. Can you please advise?
It may be data issue. Do you need to import 1095C data? Please follow the steps below to solve this issue.

How to import 1095C data

1.1 Please test with our sample data file (Please follow from the step 2 in this guide).

1.2 If there is no error with the test data, you can add some rows of your data to the .csv file and test import function again.

1.3 Repeat step 1.2 until you find the bad data.

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