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Two questions:

1. Can I use my own personal checks?
2. Can I have the option to put my signature on each check?
Dear valued customer,

Thank you for your interest in our software. We would suggest ezCheckpersonal wallet size check writer. It supports 3 and 4 checks per page.

1. Can I use my own personal checks? You can use your own preprinted or blank checks if they have the following specifications
Format: 3 per Page (personal wallet check)
Size: 8-1/2" x 11"
Wt.: 24#
Check Size: 6"X2 3/4" 

2. Can I have the option to put my signature on each check? Yes, you can remove the signature and print blank checks to fill in later or add a signature and print blank checks with the signature already on them. You can choose and change as needed.

We have also added the quick start guide and FAQ page for your convenience. The only restriction to the trial is that TRIAL will appear on checks and reports until the key is purchased. The best part is all data entered into the trial will remain in the paid version once purchased! No adding data twice.


Quick start guide-


Did you know we offer a keyword search box to search for software information? It's easy and quick! Go to website and on the top right you will see a keyword search box. You can type in your question such as two signature lines and it will take you to all information regarding that subject.

Please let us know if we may assist you further!
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