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Hi,I keep getting this error message when filing my w-2's with Wisconsin. Below is my message. What is wrong with this?This is the first time I bought the w-2 program but have been using 1099's for years.
Our programmers said error 55 "no state record" can be caused by three reasons. Would you please generate a new file for state and try again?

1. On form W2, please make sure you entered the state data: box 15 to box 17

2. When you generate the efile document for state, please check the option "Generate State Efile for Wisconsin" (See the attached image)

So ezW2 will include your state data in the efile document.

3. When you upload the file to your state, please upload the correct state file. (Note: You cannot upload the file generated for federal efile. The federal file does not include the state data.)
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