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Hello, We are a small company of 10 to 12 employees and have been using
ezPaycheck for 12 years. Each year has been flawless except this year. We
hired 2 employees and used the information on the new W-4. So far one
employee has earned $2947.00 Gross this year and no (Zero) Federal Tax has
been deducted. The other has earned less but also has no Federal tax. They
both selected Married filing jointly. One gets paid $14hr on a weekly
basis, the other $17.00. We were concerned so we had our CPA check to make
sure everything was entered correctly and they verified the entries are
correct. The only way it seems to force Federal Tax is to revert back to
the 2019 W-4. or choose an arbitrary amount to be withheld each week. Can
you please provide some insight so we are able to correct this? Thank you.
1. IRS published the new W-4 form with major change in year 2020: allowances are no longer used for the redesigned Form W-4. This W-4 option may have a big change in federal tax for some employees.

W4 change in 2020

2. If you hire the new employees this year, you should use the latest W-4 Forms and choose the "2020 and later" W-4 option when you set up the employees.

3. If you have any questions about federal tax, please view this guide. 

4. You can verify the federal tax manually by following this guide also.

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