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I am trying to perform a test of the direct deposit so I can see how it works, if I can do it fairly easily I will be purchasing the software, we already have the payroll software. my problem is in the upload, it asks for bank web url 1 and 2 what is that and how do I get everything to the point where I can send the money from our account to our employees account and how do I know that the upload was successful?

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Hi Jacquelyn,

Thank you for contacting us. You need to contact your bank for this ACH file upload URL. Have you already talked with your bank to enable ACH Transaction feature of your account? Once they enable it, they should give you this link, log in ID and password.

Here is the sample about how to upload ACH file:

EzACh deposit software is just $199 per installation. You just pay us once with no monthly fee, no annual fee and no other hidden cost. However, some bank may charge customers monthly fee for direct deposit feature. And some bank may charge a fee for each ACH transaction. Please contact your bank for more details.

Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.


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