Halfpricesoft Online Time Tracking: Task Management

Halfpricesoft Online Time Tracking system can track employee hours to project/task level. Here is guide about how to add, edit and delete a task.

If your company does not need to track the employee working hours to the task level, you can skip this feature.

1. View the Task List

You can click the left menu "Timesheets", then "Project Tasks", then "Project Task" to view all the tasks.

task list

2. Add a Task

You can select one project from list, and then click the "Add Task to Selected Project" button to add a new task.
add a task

3. Edit a Task

You can click the task on screen to view/edit the details.

edit a task

4. Enable/Disable a Task

From task details screen, you can set one use to active or inactive.

5. Delete a Task

You can select one task, and then click the "Delete Selected Task" button remove a task that is not in use and has no time entries associated with it.

delete a task

6. Assign Employee(s) to a Task, Remove Employee(s) from a Task

Assigned employees

Assign employee to task

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