Halfpricesoft Online FAQs

Employee Time Tracking and Task Management

  • How to Start the 30 Days Free Trial in Less than 5 Minutes
  • Timesheet Quick Start Guide for Admin
  • Timesheet Quick Start Guide for Employees

  • General Questions
  • Settings
  • Employee Management
  • Project and Task Management
  • Emloyee Clock in/out
  • Timesheets Management
  • Reports
  • Trouble Shooting

  • General Timesheet FAQs

  • Can Halfpricesoft Online system automatically calculates overtime, double time?
  • Yes, you can set up your company rules.

  • Can this system track employee time to project task level?
  • Yes.

  • Are there any limitations to the trial account?
  • The 30 days free trial account includes both time tracking and payroll features. However, it only supports up to 5 employees and it will print TRIAL images on checks and tax forms.

  • Can I purchase timesheet feature only or payroll feature only?
  • Yes. You can purchase timesheet feature only, or payroll feature only, or both.

  • I noticed you also had the desktop version of timesheet software. Should I use online version or desktop version?
  • The online system tracking employee time to task level. It also allows to the system from any location with the desktop or mobile devices. The desktop version does not track employee time to task level.

    We offer the free trial versions for both online and desktop solution. You are welcome to test drive and decide which solution works better for your company.

  • What is the cost?

  • Compare time tracking solutions: desktop vs. online

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  • Company settings(company name, address and others)

  • Timesheet settings(time rounding, overtime rules and others)

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    Employee Management

  • How to add/edit an employee

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    Project and Task Management

  • How to add/edit/delete a project

  • How to add/edit/delete a task

  • How to assign/remove an employee to/from a task?

  • How to specify the default task for an employee?

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    Clock in/Clock out

  • How to clock in/clock out

  • How can the administrator view, add, edit and approve the time entries?

  • How can an employee view, add and edit his own time entries?

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    Timesheet Management

  • Timesheet settings(time rounding, overtime rules and others)

  • How to add, edit, delete, and approve a time entry manually

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  • Timesheet Reports
  • After you log in Halfpricesoft Online as admin, you can click the left menu "Reports and Forms" then the sub menu "Timesheet Reports" to view the reports.

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    Trouble Shooting