How to customize bank check with ezCheckPersonal?

EzCheckPersonal check writer  is very flexible and allow user to customize the check layout easily.

Following is the step by step guide.

1. Start ezCheckPersonal software.


If you do not have it installed it, you can download it from


2. Click the top menu “Settings->Check Layout  Setup” to open the check layout screen.




3. You can customize almost any item on this screen. However, you need to select the target field from Item Picker list first.


Ie: You can select “Personal Name” from Item picker. Then you will see this field in red color on screen. Then you can change its position in two ways.

-          You can select this field on screen by your mouse, then drag and drop it to the new location.

-          You can adjust values of Item Location fields to move it.


4. You need to click the Save button to save your changes.

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