How to edit a check after click the PRINT button within QuickBooks

With ezCheckPrinting and QuickBooks Virtual Printer, users can print checks on blank check stock in one step. However, if you need to change check number, check data or add extra information on check stubs, you can edit and print the checks from ezCheckPrinting software too.

When you print a check within QuickBooks through EzCheckPrinting Virtual Printer, the check data will be imported into ezCheckPrinting software too.

Followings are the steps:

- On the print preview screen, you can click the "Close" button to close this preview Windows without printing. Then you still see ezCheckPrinting check list screen.

preview quickbooks checks

- You can select the check from ezCheckPrinting check list, and then click the EDIT button above the list to edit the check number, memo and add more information in the notes fields.


Then you save your changes and print this check.

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