Why I cannot register the license key

Question: I copy and paste the key code, but it said "Invalid license key". Why? 

Answer: Here are some common reasons that may cause this issue. 


#1. You purchase the wrong key code or you installed the wrong software

Please make sure you are using the right software. You can view software name and version by clicking top menu "help", then click "About XXXXX". 

Please check the key code message to make sure you also ordered the right key code 

#2. When you enter the key code, you need to copy and paste the complete key code including "-". 


#3. Some email server may add special characters around key code, even you cannot see it.

- You can open Notepad application, copy the license key from email to the Notepad first. (You can open Notepad by clicking the Start button. In the search box, type Notepad, and then, in the list of results, click Notepad. )

- Then you copy the key code from NotePad to your application to register it. 

This process will remove the unseen charaters added to the key code by your email server.  


#4. You do not have enough permission to write a new key registry or your machine has higher security settings what will not allow you add a key registry.  


This issue is rare. 


Solution 1: You can log in as administrator to solve this issue 


Solution 2: if you are running Windows 7 or 8, you can check this article on how to run a program as administrator 



Solution 3: if you are running Windows Vista, you can disable UAC to register your key code.

- open control panel

- open user account

- select Turn User Account off

- change the setting, save and restart the machine.

 Once you register the key code, you can enable UAC by following the above steps.

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