How to run a program as the administrator

Problem: I installed ezW2 and see the shortcut icon from my desktop. However I cannot start this application.


Solution: Usually this issue is caused by permission problem. Please make sure you have enough permission on your local machine to install a new program and run a program.



You can log in as administrator to install this program and run it. If you can run it as administrator but cannot run it as normal user. You need give normal user running and write/read permission to this application and the applicaiton folder.



If you are the administrator of your machine and still see this problem, you can try the following steps.



For Windows 7 and 8 machines

1.       Select the shortcut icon from your desktop.

For example, if you are running ezW2 2011 now, you can select ezW2 2011 shortcut


2.       Press the right button of the mouse, then you will see the pop up menu. Then click the sub menu Properties  to open the Properties screen

3.       Click the tab “Compatibility”, then check the option “Run this program as an administrator”.

4.       Click the Apply button.

5.       Click the OK button to close this screen

6.       Then double click the shortcut icon to start your application again.


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