How to adjust the gross pay of a paycheck

ezPaycheck payroll software makes small business payroll an easy job. Some customer wants to know how to adjust an employee’s gross pay up by a specific dollar amount for one pay period. Specifically, an employee gets a raise that is retroactive and their pay needs to be adjusted to pay them for the additional gross pay they were short the previous week(s).

EzPaycheck is very flexible. Customers can add a customized wage field for the extra payment

You can add a customized payment type. Here is a sample

1.       Click Start ezPaycheck left menu “Wage Setup” to open wage set up screen

2.       Check one non-regular Wages field

3.       Click the button behind it to rename it

4.       Input new name

5.        save it

6.       Click “SAVE” buttons

When you add a new check, just enter the extra payment. EzPaycheck will calculate the taxes and deductions automatically.

 customized payment type


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