How To Roll Back To EzAccounting 2016 Version After Installing 2017 Version

17. December 2015 05:43If you are not using ezAccounting payroll feature,  you do not need to roll back to the previous version.

If you have completed 2016 paychecks, you do not need to roll back to the previous version. you can use ezAccounting 2017 to print W2 and 940 forms.

If you have NOT completed 2016 paychecks, you can try the following steps to roll back to ezPaycheck 2016 version.


Steps to roll back to ezAccounting 2016 version:

Step 1: Backup data

 Your data should be safe during this process. However, we always suggest customers backup data first.


If you cannot use ezAccounting backup function, you can back up the data manually. The default data folder is


You can back up this folder or just the .mdb files (Microsoft Access Database files) inside this folder


Step 2:  Uninstall ezAccounting 2017 


Step 3:  Download ezAccounting 2016 Software


After you complete ALL 2016 paychecks, you can download the latest version ezAccounting software and purchase the new key at

ezAccounting 2017 installation package will update tax rate. You should run it after you completed ALL the paychecks for Year 2016. With ezAccounting 2017, you can still access your 2016 paychecks, view reports and print 2016 W2 forms. 

If you still have questions, you can reach us for support at

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