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1. Printer

- If you print checks on blank stock, we suggest the laser printer and MICR ink printer.

- If you print checks on pre-printed check, you can use any printer.

2. Deposit test

1). Mobile APP
Many banks offer mobile APP. You can print a test check with small amount that is payable to yourself or one employee. If the bank mobile APP can read the check, your check format is good. You should be able to deposit the check in bank with no problem.

2). Deposit your check in bank
You can print a test check and deposit it in bank. If the bank scanner can read it, the check format is good.

3. Common check scanning issue and solution

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I plan soon to purchase the ACH module. Everything looks good, pretty straight forward. I plan on taking a sample check to the bank to make sure the bank routing/account number is acceptable using an HP laser printer. I forgot to ask if an inkjet printer was a requirement.