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I am trying out your ezAccounting software. I have some employees who receive a salary and also are paid by an hourly rate. I have to write separate checks for them though. I tried to enter them as separate employees but I can't use the same Social Security Number. Is there a way around this that will allow me to keep them separate?
We glad to assist you. You cannot add the same employee twice to the employee list. Would you please give us more details? So we can offer the best solution.

- Can we know why you need to pay the employee by both salary and hourly rate?

- Do you need pay the same employee two paychecks (one by salary and one by hourly rate) for the same pay period?

- Do you need to withhold the payroll taxes when this employee is paid by hourly rate?

- Do you need ezAccounting payroll feature only? Or do you also need to use other features (ie: invoice, billing)?

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Thank you.

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