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I was able to get the test file to be accepted.

I went ahead and submitted the real data for our 1095C. The real data was rejected. Below is the reason supplied for the rejection:

The value of the Manifest 'TestFileCd' must equal the value stored in the IRS database governing the status of the 'FormsTypeCd'

Can you help me understand what we need to do to correct this?

Thank you.
Please view this guide.

eFile ACA Forms: MANIFEST-010-01 TestFileCd Error and Solution

If you still have questions, please let us know:

1) Is your TCC with "P" on form level now?

2) If the IRS recently updated your TCC to "P" status, have you waited two business days for their servers to synchronize before submitting your ACA forms to the IRS?

Thank you,
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