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Just downloaded the Trial software & got it all set up.

Checks look nice!

Now using the QB virtual printer

Printing a check where there are "Items" associated with the Check.

e.g. Items purchased or Vendors Invoice number

These Items print out on the stubs using QB's own checks.

Can I make them print on the stubs using EzCheckPrinting??

This is a business-critical function and it would be a deal-breaker - and a real shame -- if the answer is "No".


We are glad to assist you. Please follow the steps below.

1. Please print the QuickBooks check on white paper with a real printer. (Not ezCheckPrinting QB Virtual Printer)

Can you see the stub information you need there?

- If the answer is No, you need to contact INTUIT.
- If the answer is YES, please continue.

2. Please print same check with ezCheckPrinting QB Virtual Printer.

Can you see the stub information you need there?

If yes, the check is fine.
If the answer is No, continue

3. Email us this file "qbfile0001.txt" to as attachment.

The location of this file is:
If you have further questions, please contact us directly at
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