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I am looking for software that will print cheques in bulk on a commercial printing basis (as opposed to a one by one basis through an accounting program). It should have the following features:-

Capability of creating templates for each customer, with Flexible adjustments of the the following fields

1. Company name and Address (Up to 5 Lines)

2. Bank name and Address (Up to 5 Lines)

3. 'Pay" in Left hand Field

4. " TO THE ORDER OF" in the Left Hand Field

5. Allowance for up to two signature lines.

6. Allowance for Company Name above signature lines.

7.Correct placement of MICR line as per CPA requirements.

8. Cheque numbering on all three stubs which increase by one for each page.

9. The availability to place the Company name on the first line of Stub 1 and stub 2

10 The capability to print up to 5000 cheques in one pass.

11. Capability to Insert Logos onto the cheque base.

12. Printing to be laid out "portrait" on 8.5 x 11 pre-printed base stock.

We also require to be able to print similar cheques "landscape" on 6 x 11 pre-printed stock, with the exception that that cheques will be printed two per page with side stubs with numbers on them, with the number increasing by one for each cheque.

If your cheque printing software fits our requirements, please advise.

Thank you for contacting us about ezCheckPrinting.

The answers for Question 1-9 and 11 are "Yes".

Questions 10
You can print up to 99 sheet in a batch. If you need to print more, you can request customized design. Or you can print in several batches.

Question 12
We do not support this feature.

I would like to suggest you download ezCheckPrintng trial version and test drive for free with no obligation first.

ezCheckPrinting download

How to print blank check with logo

How to customize check layout

How to add second signature line

How to customize stub layout

ezCheckprinting can support unlimited client accounts on the same machine with no extra charge.

Thank you.
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