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I was using Quickbooks to write monthly paychecks. However, since we have upgraded our computer, the QuickBooks version we have does not work.

We also do not need all the features that QuickBooks has since we are only using it only to write checks, but nothing else.

We have hardcopy (printed) 3-page checks that we used with QuickBooks and we would like to continue using them.

The questions about your software:

1. Is your software only to print check format? Or, does your software allow to write a complete check (name, amount, date, etc.)
2. Can we have a list of employees on your software for which we have to write checks every month? Please note that we have the printed checks right now and we need to print the employee’s name, date, amount, etc. on those checks.
3. Can we transfer the employee data from QuickBooks 10 database?
4. Can we download a trial version of software, if so, how?

Thank you for your assistance.

Best regards,
Dear valued customer,

We are glad to recommend ezPaycheck payroll software and ezCheckPrinting check writer for you. You can download both software from our site and test drive for free with no obligation. Both software allows you to import data. Both software can print checks.

Option 1: If you need to calculate payroll tax and print paychecks for employees

You can use ezPaycheck payroll software ($99 per year per installation). Calculate payroll taxes, print paychecks, print tax forms. Right now, we have special 2017 & 2018 bundle version available at $119.

Sample paychecks printed by ezPaycheck 

Option 2: If you need to print checks only, you can use ezCheckPrinting $39 per installation. One time charge with no annual fee.

Sample checks printed ezCheckPrinting

Please let us know if you still have any questions. We are glad to assist you.

Thank you.
If you have further questions, please contact us directly at
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