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we are looking for 1099 network version. Questions:
1. the software and the data will be saved in our own server ( not in a cloud environment )? Is there user password ?
2. what is the cost of e-file, per company or per # of 1099s/reciipients. This will be 1st time for us if we do e-file.
3. if we decide to continue to mail to IRS, we only need to buy the red copies - 1099 copy A only?
4. Do you have phone number for live customer support?
5. which 1099 software is best for us? 1099 for multiple (at least 3 companies) with 2 users but would like the data shared in the network. Only 1 user at a time, but 2nd user ( have a separate access) may pick up where the 1st user left off.
6. Are recipients' information accessible by multiple companies? or need to be re-entered for each company?

Thank you.
ez1099 is designed for 1099 regular filing. You can also use it for 1099 correction efile. However you need to check the Corrected box manually if you need to print amended forms.

Our software has supported this efile feature for more than one decades. You can use ez1099 to generate efile document and upload to IRS. Thousands of clients use our software each year. We have not seen any issue so far.

Thank you.
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