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Hello! I have a question, does the ezAccounting software come automatically with the payroll? Or is that a totally separate software download? Also, does the payroll software allow for additional custom deductions? Example, for union employees that have to deduct different union related fees in addition to the standard state and federal tax, social security etc? Thank you in advance.

Thank you for your interest in our software! We would recommend ezAccounting for your business and payroll task needs.

We have added the links for download, quick start guide,and faq below. We offer a 30 day trial for no cost or obligation. The Payroll software is included within the ezAccounting. It is 159.00 per calendar year for a single user installation.

The only restriction to test the application for up to 30 days is that TRIAL will appear on checks and reports until the key is purchased. Once you purchase the key, you can simply add it to the trial version and all data will remain but the TRIAL will be removed.

How to add customized deductions-


Quick start guide- 


Please let us know if we may assist you further!


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