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Good evening,

My tax preparer recommended that I download and use your software for an estate that I am taking care of. Long story short, I need to create a W-2 10-99 MISC for from the estate to a grand daughter that was not named in the will. She filed a lawsuit and the 3 heirs agreed to pay her $10,000 for a nuisance settlement. So she needs to report this income.
The tax expert I am using says to fill out a 10-99 MISC. It looks like that is not an option with your 2023 software. Is this an option or do I need to use a different 10-99 form to file this income with the IRS?

Thank you for your help! I look forward to hearing from you soon.

We are glad to assist you. If you need to 1099-misc forms, you will need ez1099 software.

1. We offer the free demo. Please feel free to download and test drive with no obligation. No credit card required. (A purchased key is required for processing forms)

2. ez1099: for 1099-misc and 1096 forms.

ez1099 software download

How to print and efile 1099-misc

Sample 1099-misc forms printed by ez1099

Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.
If you have further questions, please contact us directly at
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