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I have 2 questions in the software

1. How to set up a regular backup of the payroll data that i have inputted
into the software, I want to make sure that I am not losing, if my computer
is not booting up. Please suggest the process on how to do the same

2. I have changed the address of one employee after running this payroll,
when I run the pay stub report, the address is not reflecting, will the
address be reflecting when I run the payroll for the next report?


Thank you for contacting us.

1. Address change
Please add a new paycheck and print. You will see the new address on the new paystubs.


1) If you changed the employee address, pay rate and other information, such changes will be applied to the new checks. Such changes will not and should not be applied the saved checks.

2) If you added a check with the wrong information, please remove it and add it again.

2. Data backup and restore
You can decide how often you need to back up data (ie: after each payroll, monthly, or quarterly). Please back up data to the USB, external disk, cloud or other location. If your computer is crashed, you can restore data on another computer quickly.


1) Backup data 

2) Install the free trial version of ezPaycheck on another computer

3) Restore data

Thank you,

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