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I am confused about Direct deposit because each employee has different bank
How each employee is being paid by direct deposit and if there are any extra fees for direct deposit or a 3rd party fees?
No bank answers about NACHA Files.
1. How ezACH works?
ezACH can generate the standard NACHA ACH file. You need to upload this file to your bank to process the transactions.

This ACH file will include the following information:
- Your bank information
- Your employee/client bank information
- Your instruction for each transaction(ie: pay/charge, the amount, the process date)

The NACHA Operating Rules require that ACH credits settle in one to two business days and ACH debits settle on the next business day.

2. The cost
EzACh deposit software is just $199 per installation. You just pay us once with no monthly fee, no annual fee and no other hidden cost.

However, some bank may charge customers monthly fee for direct deposit feature. And some bank may charge a fee for each ACH transaction. Please contact your bank for more details.

3. You may need to talk with the business support team in your bank to enable the ACH direct deposit feature.

Most bank accounts will not have this feature by default. Once this feature is activated, your bank will give you the instructions to upload the ACH file. (ie: ach file upload link, user ID, password. Some banks may also offer some security dongle or USB device to be used with your transactions.)

4. The questions you can ask my bank to enable the ACH payment feature:

Please feel free to contact us if you still have any questions.

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