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Halfpricesoft Online Payroll & Timesheet software was designed for people who have no accounting experience. This allows both accountants and small business owners to use it with ease.

Easy to Setup

Halfpricesoft online payroll & Timesheet is designed with simplicity in mind.

Increase Productivity

Time tracking and payroll are integrated seamlessly to reduce the administrative efforts and overhead. The program calculates time and gross pay automatically, preventing the need for owners or administrators to complete the task.

Mobile Friendly

This online solution is mobile friendly and supports both Android and Apple phones to clock in/out. The timesheet feature records GPS location. It can also calculate employee overtime and double-pay time automatically.

Manage Your Business Anytime, Anywhere on Any Device with an Internet Connection

Halfpricesoft Online Payroll & Timesheet System combines the functions of payroll software and time tracking software. Customers can select one or both functions.
  • Employees can clock in/out from mobile phone or desktop computer. The timesheet feature records GPS location. It also calculates employee overtime and double-pay time automatically.
  • Employer can view, edit, approve timesheets, turn timesheet into paychecks anytime, anywhere.
  • Calculates federal & state payroll taxes/deductions and the local taxes (such as SDI, occupational tax, city tax).
  • Print paychecks and tax forms .
  • Supports salary, hourly-rate, commission, tips and customized wages (such as pay-by-piece, pay-by-stop and pay-by-mileage).
  • Auto-calculate PTO, leave time, vacation time, sick time based on the accrual plan.
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