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  • Getting Started

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  • General FAQs

    1. Why should I use Halfpricesoft Online Time Tracking and Payroll System?
    Our system will increase your company productivity and allow you to focus on growing the business.

    2. Can I sign up a trial account for free?
    Yes, you can have a 30 days free trial account. There is no obligation, no cost and no credit card is needed. You can complete registration of a trial account, and start to clock in/out, process payroll and print a check in 5 minutes.

    3. Can I purchase timesheet feature only or payroll feature only?
    Yes. You may purchase one or both features. You may also upgrade if you choose just one feature to start.

    4. Are there any limitations to the trial account?
    The 30 days free trial account includes both time tracking and payroll features. However, it only supports up to 5 employees and it will print TRIAL images on checks and tax forms until the subscription is purchased.

    5. Can your system track employee hours to task level? So we can use it for project management.

    6. Can your system track vacation and paid time leave?

    7. When my employees clock in/out with their cell phones, can your system record the IP location?
    Yes, please keep in mind that we will never share your information.

    8. Is my data safe?

    9. What are the requirements to use the online solution?
    You can use any device that has an internet connection.

    10. Can your system process payroll and print paychecks?
    Yes. Our system can process payroll and print check data, stub data on pre-printed check paper. The online system does not support blank stock check printing.

    11. I noticed you also had the desktop version of payroll software and time tracking software. Should I use online version or desktop version?
    One big benefit of using online version is you can access the system from any location with the desktop or mobile devices. We offer the free trial versions for both online and desktop solution. You are welcome to test drive and decide which solution works better for your company.

    12. What is the cost?

    13. Is your support free?
    We offer free support via email, live chat, and phone. We charge a fee for the remote access support.

    14. How do I add a shortcut on my PC screen?

    15. How do I add a shortcut on my mobile device screen?

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    Employee Time Tracking and Task Management FAQs

  • Guick start guide for the system administrator

  • Guick start guide for the employees

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    Payroll, Check Printing and Tax Forms

  • Payroll guick start guide

  • Click here to view Payroll FAQs >>

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    How to pay the monthly fee?

  • If you choose the Autopay option when you set up payment, our system will charge the monthly fee automatically.

  • If you did not choose the autopay option, you will see the unpaid invoice in your account. You can pay it with the credit credit or the PayPal account.
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    How to turn off the Autopay option?

    1 Log in online solution

    2. Click the left menu "Billing" then "Payments".

    3. Turn off "Save card and AutoPay" option.

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    Need Assistance?

    If you cannot find the answer from FAQs, please feel free to contact the support team. We are glad to assist you.