Online Time Tracking Guide (for Employees)

After you log in the Online Time Tracking System as a Employee User, you can follow this guide to view your data.

  • 1. Clock In/Clock Out
  • 2. View/Add/Edit Timesheets
  • 3. Account Update and Change Password
  • 4. How to Add Shortcut to Mobile Home Screen

  • 1: Employee Clock in/Clock out

    Clock in  Clock out

    2. View/Add/Edit Timesheets

  • 2.1 View Timesheets

  • You can click the left menu "Timesheets" then "Timesheet List" to view timesheets.

    employee timesheets

  • 2.2 Add the Time Entries

  • You can click the Add button to enter the new entry.

  • 2.3 Edit/Delete the Time Entries

  • You can edit/delete the pending entries that you added manually before.

    The following entries are not allowed to be edited by the employee:
    - The entries that have been approved
    - Clock in/out entries

    3. Account Update and Password Reset

  • 3.1 Account Update
  • You can click the left menu "My Account" then "My Account" to view the account setup.

    employee account setup

  • 3.2 Change Password
  • You can click the left menu "My Account" then "Change Password" to reset the password.

    employee change password

    Need Assistance?

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