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  • FAQs online
    Check latest faqs from our website.
  • Is ezTimeSheet for me?
    Trying ezTimeSheet is risk-free! It fits for small to mid-size company and offers flexible, easy to use features.
  • How can I share the database from multiple computers?
    You can copy the ezTimeSheet.mdb database or its backup to any shared network folder and setup the application to use the network database. Please refer to database setting.
  • How can I change employee password?
    There are two places to change employee password. 1) By administrator, manage employee. 2) By employee from employee change password.
  • How can export payroll data to print check?
    ezTimeSheet features export function to export payroll data in CSV format to print. Use "Settings -> Export Check Data" under Administrator tab. Admin has to logged in to make this function enabled.

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