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How to apply an ACA TCC code for 1095 E-filing.

Who need to apply ACA TCC code?

Anyone who need to E-file ACA forms (1095B/C) will need a TCC code to file in AIR system. This TCC code is different with the TCC file 1099 files. Please refer to IRS ACA TCC Tutorials for more information.

Steps to apply for a TCC

  • Step one
  • Go to IRS site to register a login. You will need two applicants, a Responsible Official and a second contact, for this registration. Follow the steps to finish registration.

  • Step two
  • Each applicant will receive a letter with comfirmation code and instruction. Please follow the instruction to complete registration.

  • Step three
  • After the confirmation of the registration, the Responsible Official will need to login applying a TCC code. You need to register for either "Transmitter" role (for accountants) or "Issuer" role (for your own company). Our software only supports uploading XML file to IRS site. Please select “ISS-UI for ACA Internet Transmitter” as “Communication Channel”. Please refer to IRS ACA TCC Tutorials for detailed information.

  • Step four
  • It will take about two weeks to receive the TCC code. Your acccount will be set as "Test", please download our test case scenarios database and generate test file to upload to IRS AIR system to change to "Production" . For more detailed instruction, please refer to IRS ACA TCC Tutorials.

    How to generate Test Case Scenarios by using ez1095.

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    Publication 5165, Guide for Filing Affordable Care Act (ACA) Information Returns for Software Developers and Transmitters has information on communication procedures, transmission formats and business rules and validations procedures.

    AIR Submission Composition and Reference Guide has information on the electronic composition of Form 1094/1095-B's and Form 1094/1095-C's, manifest, transmitting forms through AIR, sample XML.

    Automated Enrollment for ACA Providers Externals Guide for ISS-A2A channel provides step by step instructions for loading certificates needed for A2A transmissions.

    AIR UI Channel Login for Tax Year 2015 AATS (AATS 2016)

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