How to move W2 1099 Software to a new machine?

Followings are the steps to move your ezW2 software database file from one machine to the other:
Step 1. Log in as the administor of the new machine. Download and install ezW2.
ezW2 download link:

Step 2: Backup your current database file from the old machine to the USB disk or shared folder.
- Open ezW2 application on your old machine and insert your USB disk.
- Click the top menu "Management->Backup current company", you will see the "Enter backup file name" form. You can click the triangle button behind "Save in" field to change the current path. You can modify the back up new file name as you like.
- Once you click the Save button, you will save your current database file to the new location.
Note: If you have multiple companies, you can copy all the database (.mdb)  files from the application folder to the USB disk directly.

Step 3. Copy the database file from the USB disk to the application folder on the new machine

- If you are using ezW2 2012 and later, you can use the new RESTORE function to copy your data. Click the top menu "Company Management->Restore Company", then select the target database file.

- If you are using ezW2 2011 and earlier, you need to copy the database file to the application folder manually.

The default ezW2 2010 folder is:
C:\Program Files\Halfpricesoft\ezW2(2010)

If you are using window7 or Vista, your database file may be under folder:
C:\Users\YourName\AppData\Local\VirtualStore\Program Files\Halfpricesoft\ezW2(2010)

Step 4. Select this new database file as your current database file by clicking the top menu "Company Management->Select Company".


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