New Tax Deduction & Exemption Options Designed for Churches & Non-profits Included in 2011 Release of ezPaycheck

New options for setting up tax deductions customized to individual employees makes the 2011 edition of ezPaycheck payroll software ideal for non-profits and businesses with unique tax situations. Churches and other religious organizations, who don’t deduct FICA taxes for clergy members, will find these new control features particularly appealing.

Developed by and available for as little as $89 per installation, ezPaycheck 2011 is a payroll processing software designed especially for small businesses and non-profit organizations. As with all small business software titles from, ezPaycheck is known for its ease of use, flexibility and affordability. The software is available online at

“ezPaycheck has always had highly flexible options for setting up deductions and other payroll factors that fit the needs of our customers,” said’s founder Dr. Ge. “But a portion of our customers have unique tax and deduction circumstances that were difficult to manage with previous editions of ezPaycheck. The new features added to the 2011 edition meet those needs while maintaining the ease of use that ezPaycheck customers have come to love.”

In addition to the new deduction set-up features, updates to the 2011 edition of ezPaycheck also include:
- Updated income tax tables with 2011 rates for all 50 states, Washington D.C., and federal taxes.
- Custom payroll reports feature allowing users to program specific report dates. Previously available quarterly and annual report options are still available in the 2011 edition.
- Increased exporting options make ezPaycheck 2011 data and reports easier to use with other software, such as’s ezW2 software for printing W2 and 1099 forms.
- New auto-fill feature remembers certain information from previous payroll periods, such as pay period dates and check printing dates, and automatically supplies updated information on checks for the current payroll period. Employers save time and hassle.

Long-time users of ezPaycheck can still count on all the popular features of previous editions, such as the easy-to-use intuitive interface, flexible printing options for multiple check formats, Form 940 and Form 941 printing, and flexible check report options.

ezPaycheck 2011 is available for free download and 30-day trial

To ensure that ezPaycheck 2011 meets each customer’s needs before purchasing, has made the software available for a free 30-day trial. Customers can simply go to and download the software without charge or obligation. To make test-driving ezPaycheck 2011 even easier, the software download includes a sample database, so customers don’t have to waste time entering data before sampling the software’s many features.

All the features of the ezPaycheck 2011 full version, except check printing, can be used for up to 30 days without charge. To unlock full, unlimited use of ezPaycheck 2011, license keys can be purchased online for as little as $89 per installation.

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