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Payroll Software Free Download (Year 2018 - 2024)

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Attention ezPaycheck 2023 Clients:

Do NOT install this new version before you complete 2023 paychecks. ezPaycheck 2024 installation will update the tax tables. With ezPaycheck 2024, you can still access your 2023 paychecks, view reports and print 2023 W2 forms.

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  • ezPaycheck 2024 Payroll Software

    For Microsoft Windows

    File Name : ezPaycheckSetup.msi
    Size : 5.43 MB
    Version: 3.14.8
    Date Published : 1/16/2024

    This version includes:
  • 2024 tax federal tables
  • 2024 state tax tables
  • 2023 Form 941
  • 2023 W2 and W3 forms
  • 2023 Form 940
  • 2023 Form 943

    Note: IRS will release new 2024 Form 941 in March, Form W2 & W3 in Nov, Form 940 in Dec. ezPaycheck new version will be released when the new forms are available.

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    Special Download for Windows XP and 7 Computers

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  • Version List

    Download ezPaycheck 2024 for Windows >>

    Download ezPaycheck 2023 for Windows >>

    Download ezPaycheck 2022 for Windows >>

    Download ezPaycheck 2021 for Windows >>

    View more previous versions >>

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  • how to install payroll software Have questions? Please scroll down to view the STEP BY STEP GUIDE below or contact us

    System Requirements

  • Windows 11, 10, 8.1, 9, Vista, 7, XP and other Windows computers or MAC computer installed with Virtual Machine or Parallels
  • .net framework
    If the .net framework is disabled on your computer or is not installed, you may see such message ".net framework version x.x is required." You can enable .net framework or install .net framework 3.5 from Microsoft site to solve this issue.

  • Steps to Download Payroll Software

      View the YouTube guide: How to Install ezPaycheck

    Step 1: Prepare for Installation

    Ensure you're logged into Windows as an administrator or a user with installation permissions!!!

    Step 2. Download ezPaycheck installation package.

    Visit the ezPaycheck download page and click 'Download ezPaycheck.' Once the download is complete, open your browser's download file list by clicking the download icon. Launch the installation by clicking on 'ezPaycheckSetup.msi.'

    Step 3: Install ezPaycheck.

    3.1 If you encounter an alert stating that ezPaycheck is not listed in the Microsoft Store, confidently click 'Install anyway' to proceed.

    download paycheck software

    3.2 Navigate through the user-friendly ezPaycheck installation wizard. Accept the terms by clicking 'I Agree' on the license agreement screen.

    3.3 Choose whether to install ezPaycheck for yourself or all users on the computer.

    download ezPaycheck tax calculator

    3.4 Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation process seamlessly.

    download ezPaycheck tax calculator

    Step 4: Accessing ezPaycheck.

    A desktop shortcut will be created for easy access. Click it to run ezPaycheck payroll software.

    download tax calculator

    add key code

    Step 5: Run ezPaycheck application.

    If you are a new customer, please follow the quick start guide to set up ezPaycheck step by step.
  • ezPaycheck Quick Start Guide

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  • ezPaycheck installation issues and solutions

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