ezPaycheck Payroll Software Version 3.1.7 Is Shipping with Enhanced Data Protection

Viruses, spyware and hard-drive crashes - Almost weekly, Halfpricesoft.com support team received help requests from ezPaycheck payroll software users desperate to recover payroll data lost to these villains. Though the malware and data losses were not related to the company’s popular payroll software, Halfpricesoft.com’s management team realized customers needed a new way to back up and restore their payroll data securely, safely and quickly.





The new version 3.1.7 is released to speed up secure back-up and restoration of payroll data to prevent loss to viruses, spyware and computer crashes.





Other updates include:

- New MEMO field

- Updates on YTD Entry Screen

- Form level help buttons





This new version is available for free download:






Current ezPaycheck 2011 user can download the free update package at:


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