How to restore payroll data?

The new data back-up/restore feature in ezPaycheck payroll software securely protects payroll data against loss in event of virus or hard-disk crash. Followings are the steps to restore your data from USB disk, CD or other folder.

1. Start ezPaycheck, then click the top menu "Company->Restore company" to open the Database Restore screen.
payroll software restore data<

2. On the Database Restore screen, click Select backup database to be restored button to select your database file.
payroll software restore data

3. Select your file and click the open button. Then ezPaycheck will copy the backup database file to the application folder.
payroll software restore data

4. If you want to use this database file as your current database, you can click the top menu "Company->Select Company" to select this database from list and set it the current database file.

<note:> This restore version feature is available with ezPaycheck 2011 version 3.1.7. If you are using an old version, you can download the lastest ezPaycheck update package. The ezPaycheck update package is free for the current users.

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