New Features in ezPaycheck Payroll Software Simplify Piece-rate and Hourly Pay recently released a new version of ezPaycheck payroll software with new features that make paying by the piece simpler and faster.  

“Meeting the specific needs of our customers is an important part of our business model,” said founder Dr. Ge. “We had several customers who told us they pay some workers by the piece-rate, but ezPaycheck didn’t facilitate that easily, so we added some features that simplify that process.”

Released in May, version 3.1.7 of ezPaycheck payroll software includes an expanded MEMO field, which can be combined with the custom payment field to easily notate pay-by-piece or pay-by-stops payroll calculations. Users simply rename a custom payment field to something like, “pay-by-piece” or “pay-by-stops” and enter the value of the paycheck. Details of the payment, such as “100 pieces * $5 per piece,” can be entered into the MEMO field.


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