How to Handle Payroll Tasks for Both W2 Employees and 1099 Contractors

EzPaycheck payroll software is very flexible. It can handle the paychecks for both employees and contractors easily. Since employer does not need to withhold taxes from contractors’ paychecks, we would like to suggest you add the second account to handle the paychecks for 1099 contractors. (EzPaycheck can support multiple accounts with no extra charge) 

Step 1: Set up the first company account for W-2 employees.

 Step 2: Set up the second company account for 1099 contractors.

  • Click the ezPaycheck top menu “Company->Duplicate current account” to duplicate current account to handle paychecks for 1099 contractor. 
  •  You can switch the current account easily by click the top menu “Company->Select Company”.         
  • When you add a contractor, you need to uncheck all the tax options. Then ezPaycheck will not withhold taxes from the paychecks.


If you don't like to add the second company account to handle 1099 contractors, you can also use the MICS check function to write checks for 1099 contractors quickly. You can click the left menu "Checks->MICS Checks". Click the "Add new check" button, enter the "Payee Name" and "Amount", then save this check by clicking the "SAVE" button.


 You are welcome to download and try ezPaycheck free for 30 days with no cost and no obligation

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