How to Generate ACH Direct Deposit File for ezPaycheck Payroll Software

EzACH Deposit software is very flexible and powerful. It can import employee list and paychecks from ezCheckPrinting software, ezPaycheck payroll software and other external source quickly and easily.

Followings are the steps to import paychecks from ezPaycheck payroll software database to ezACH and generate the ACH Deposit File


Step 1: Import Paychecks from EzPaycheck

-          Start ezACH Deposit software and click the top menu "Import->Import Transactions From Other Source”. Then select the option “From EzPaycheck”. 

import transaction for ACH file

-          Click the “Open File” to select the target ezPaycheck database file


select payroll database

Select your target database file


You can change date range to see more or less checks.


Then you can select the paychecks and click “Import” to import data into ezACH system


import paychecks for direct deposit

Step 2: Review transactions


After you import paychecks, you can review them from transaction list by clicking the top menu “Main->ACH Transactions”.

import transaction for ACH file


Step 3: Generate ACH file

Click the “Create ACH file” button and ezACH will generate the file for you. You can save it to your local folder or USB disk by clicking the “SAVE” button. Then upload it to your bank later.


import transaction for ACH file

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